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The online retailers sold $142.491 billion worth of merchandise in 2010 and by 2013, it will cross $963 billion. The online retail sales growth at 19 percent yearly is however impacted by lack of customer confidence in drop shipment. Drop shipment is plagued by a host of trivial issues faced by online retailers and end-customers across the globe.

Online retailers feel that, 90% of drop shippers that start drop ship business are no longer active after 6 months, small time manufacturers are ignored, drop shippers demand a minimum order, inventory is not always in stock or not updated, there are problems like late delivery and back ordering, the "Online help" seems to be constantly offline on drop shippers website, the "24 hours" guarantee is missing in e-mail support, there is no proper order tracking system, they are slow, they don't ship complete orders, they pack poorly and products arrive broken, or they ship the wrong items, fraudulent payments issue etc.

We at Dropshipdrugs.net are professional drop shippers who understand the online retail business and know how to plug these gaps which are a threat to the growth of online retailers. Dropshipdrugs.net has been providing drop services (dropshippment) to customers of leading online retailers for the last 5 years. The success of our client’s growth is the testimony of our commitment and care we provide to our clients.

Dropshipdrugs.net besides dropship services, also offers top quality products, name-brand items to online retailers. It works with global suppliers who are reputable, reliable, and professional. It maintains well managed inventory with in-house built tracking system for order delivery status and much more.

The dropshipadrugs.net advantage:

DropshipdrugsDrop shipping more than 2000+ quality products at cheapest rates
DropshipdrugsLowest drop ship rates covering major countries
DropshipdrugsRush options available for speedy delivery
DropshipdrugsInventory updated frequently with alert feature for online retailers
DropshipdrugsLive professional assistance available 24/7

Dropshipdrugs.net is your resource for what you need to succeed.
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